Remembering and Memorializing Violence: Transnational Feminist Dialogues

Remembering and Memorializing Violence: Transnational Feminist Dialogues brings together feminist scholars from a wide range of contexts and disciplinary perspectives to explore the transnational dimensions of how we collectively remember and memorialize violence. Through events, workshops, publications and an interactive digital archive, we foster critical dialogue, collaboration and research innovation in feminist memory studies.

Meet Our Researchers

Each of our research team members, edited volume contributors and digital archive contributors offer expertise in transnational feminist and/or memory studies research and scholarship.


Join Us for a Presentation of “Song for the Beloved”

Toronto, Canada | June 2021


Interactive Digital Archive

Our forthcoming digital archive will be the first of its kind to curate scholarship, artwork, activism, and other intellectual and creative resources centred on remembrance and memorialization practices from a transnational feminist lens. Stay updated on our archive and learn how you can become a contributor…