Launching in fall 2025, this interactive digital archive will be the first of its kind to curate research, resources and original digital materials relevant to the remembrance and memorialization of colonial, imperial, militarized and state violence through a transnational feminist lens. Archivable contributions will be indexed for flexible searches and visualisations in a variety of formats, including an interactive political map, StoryMaps, and animated timelines, among others. A bibliography of relevant literature, web resources, research initiatives and centres, community mobilizations and creative projects will provide context for and compliment the main archive. Understanding the archive as a living space of persistent contestation, non-linear evolution and inherent paradox, we undertake this work to facilitate and engage in reflexive and accountable dialogue.

We invite you into this conversation, whatever your entry point to this emerging field. While the idea for the archive initially generated out of the scholarly projects of our research team members and workshop participants, crowdsourced original contributions and feedback will feature prominently and bring vital richness and accountability to the project. Click below to learn more about the archive and explore ways to get involved.